Thinking About AirBnb Income

Websites like Airbnb and Homeaway have significantly changed the travel and real estate industries in recent years.

The short-term rental market now attracts not only homeowners, but property investors, developers and other real estate industry players, all who see an opportunity to maximise their returns.

​While demand for short-term rental accommodation is increasing, so are guests expectations. Property owners thinking of joining this booming segment of the sharing economy increasingly need to consider market trends and guests desires if they are to achieve strong rental returns.

That’s where we come in. Our Compact Homes have been designed with this in mind. The luxuriously warm, hotel-like feel will guarantee that your guests not only give you a Five Star rating, but they will come back to you and refer their friends and family.​

One and two bedroom properties usually have a higher occupancy rate than larger dwellings. Our homes offer the ideal combination of space functionality and luxury.

Compact Homes and how they perform in this lucrative and competitive market.

Firstly, there is no other investment out there, to our knowledge, that can outperform a Compact Home when launched in the Permanent or Holiday Rental Market.

​Our Homes will outperform conventional Real Estate products by more than 300% when you consider Return on Investment.

​If you are looking to invest in property, or have existing properties, give us a call to find out more about these luxurious gems.

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