Concrete Canvas

Erosion Control, Containment and Shelter 

Concrete Canvas (CC) was initially invented for use as the hard outer shell of Concrete Canvas Shelters. CC is now used for erosion control and weed suppression in applications such as stormwater drainage, ditch lining and slope protection.

CCH was invented specifically for secondary containment bund lining in the petrochemical sector.

CCX is the latest addition to the CC family and has been designed specifically for lining large profile infrastructure such as canals to prevent erosion and reduce seepage losses.


Concrete Canvas®is a world-leading concrete alternative for erosion control applications, providing erosion control, abrasion resistance and even weed suppression for a wide range of applications. CC Hydro™ was invented – specifically for containment applications, providing excellent impermeability.

Lagoon Lining

As a lagoon lining and bank protection solution, Concrete Canvas®(CC) has key benefits compared to other solutions. For this reason, CC has been utilised all over the world for projects of varying sizes and in areas where environmental requirements meant traditional concrete was not an option.

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