Diamond Grid was originally designed for use on farms for solving problems with muddy areas on their properties, everything from muddy cattle yards to muddy driveways. The solution was easy, stabilise the ground and develop a drainage system, better still, design one product that does both!

After three years in the Australian market, more and more applications for the product became apparent, not only in the rural industry but also in Mining, Civil, and Landscaping. Our commitment to deliver a high-quality product and service will remain in the future with all areas of our company performance being closely monitored by our management.

With our current client list including the three largest mining companies in Australia, leading construction companies, Government Departments, Olympic Equestrian Studs, leading racehorse trainers, some of the largest rural retail and hardware stores in Australia and the USA, we are proud to be able to receive repeat business from these clients due to the quality and demand for our product and service.