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DomeShell Australia

Learn the simplest way to build an Australian Building Code complaint concrete dome.

Get access to the knowledge and experience of 20 years of designing and building dome-shaped structures and much more.

Bio-Veda Institute of Arcology

Bio Architecture – Surving the 6th Extinction
Yearly we are losing millions of acres of old-growth forest used for heating our homes.  Emulating the models, systems, and elements of nature we have developed an affordable DIY home, for cold climates. Wautillarium passively achieves year-round comfortable t°, using laws of physics and compost producing thermophilic bacteria.

Our Living Bio Shelter Organism is an innovative, game-changing building technology, inspired by and in alignment with nature and Earthship BioTecture. We invite you to co-create the 1st prototype, to be used as a creative & experimental communal immersion LAB, that will inspire others to tread lightly on the Earth”. ​


AirCrete Workshops