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Benefits of Building a Dome-Shaped Concrete Shell Structure

Interior 8.0m dome
Why You May Want to Build a Dome Home

1. Superior Strength and Durability: Feel safe in Domeshells’ basalt fiber reinforced concrete dome that offers unmatched strength and durability. They are exceptionally resistant to all extreme forces making them suitable for storm shelter applications.

2. Infinite Design Possibilities: Choose one of our standard geometry designs for the best economy.  However, the Domeshells system offers infinite design possibilities, allowing the creation of unique and personalized structures tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

3. Lower Energy Costs: A Domeshell contains high levels of internal thermal mass that is covered by a layer of lightweight insulating concrete that insulates the inner structural shell and also substantially increases fire resistance. Domeshells are more energy efficient compared to traditional construction methods, resulting in lower energy costs for homeowners.

4. Experience the Still Comfort of Dome Living: Dome spaces have been measured to contain a heightened level of energy

5. Training, Learning, and Courses: On-site training, hands-on workshops, E-manuals, and Online courses.

6. Design Services: We take your project from concept to architectural and structural design required by your council.

7. Materials: Only a few materials are needed to build a Domeshell that are easy to source locally. Domeshells provides basalt fiber reinforcing, air forms, hand-held sprayers, and blower fans to our dome builders.

8. Plant and Equipment: Including rigid fiberglass molds and a mini shotcrete spraying machine.  We help owners and builders through the complete design and building process.

9. Value! More protection & longevity for your dollar You cannot beat it!

Bush Fire Resistant House
The Ultimate Bush Fire Resistant House | BAL FZ Zone Capable

A Domeshell home is constructed entirely from non-combustible materials, and it is seamless. It is a highly bushfire-resistant system. It is also resilient against all extreme forces and weather including cyclone and earthquake. The ultimate protection.


Bush fires are a common occurrence in Australia, and having a bush fire resistant house is crucial for protecting your property and loved ones. The Domeshell home is a highly effective solution for bush fire protection.

What is a Bush Fire Resistant House?

A bush fire resistant house is a home that is designed and constructed to withstand the impact of bushfires. It is built using non-combustible materials and has features that prevent the spread of fire.

Features of the Domeshell Home

The Domeshell home is constructed entirely from non-combustible materials, including basalt fibre reinforced concrete and perlite lightweight insulating concrete. Its seamless design eliminates any gaps that could allow fire to enter the home. The home is also designed to be resilient against extreme forces and weather, making it a highly effective solution for bushfire protection.

Benefits of a Bush Fire Resistant House

A bush fire-resistant house protects your property and belongings, as well as the safety of occupants. It can also result in lower insurance premiums due to the reduced risk of damage from bushfires.

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About Domeshells Vision

Domeshells’ vision is to develop simple, cost-effective methods of building dome-shaped concrete shell structures for the benefit of DIY and professional builders and to promote that knowledge and technology to the world for homes and shelters of all types under all operating conditions including cyclones, hurricane, earthquake, flood, fire, bush fire, heat, cold and insects.


Deliver a range of services including excellent online education, training, courses, and information about how to build strong, safe concrete shell structures for homes and shelters designed to support DIY, Owner Builders, and Builders.

Profile – Chris Brown CEO and Co-Founder of Domeshells

Christopher Brown CEO

CHRIS BROWN – Co-founder and CEO of Domeshells Australia Pty. Ltd

His interest in building innovation originates from helping Zulus build “Rondavels” in South Africa as a child. This exotic grounding combined with Chris’s many years of diverse construction experience and a particular interest in concrete composites and shell structures led him down the path of developing Domeshells’ unique building systems.

Chris has pursued an interest in developing dome-building methods since 2000. Designing and building dome structures utilizing various material systems and methods in pursuit of a method and material system that enables anyone with basic building skills and access to common materials to build a concrete shell structure capable of sustaining extreme loads and forces. His experience is underpinned by the benefit of 7 years of Australian Research Council-funded joint research and development in collaboration with QUT Brisbane concerning composite shell structures.

Chris is inspired by a vision to provide a means of utilizing simple materials combined with a simple method of construction to build strong safe comfortable structures that will withstand extreme forces for the people of the world.

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