The Earth-Haven Collective

How it all started

A ‘Light’ came on for me in February 2022 at the Canberra Rally when there was the realization that there were tens of thousands around in the crowd now homeless. Seeing what had happened to so many of us, started something in many of us, the burning desire to help these people and others just like them, all displaced due to fires, floods or just plan old bureaucratic red-tape (to put it mildly). I saw so many people stepping up and offering their services. Within days we had a farm and before long 2 more, 3 sites: The Hatchery, Sovereign Station and Caloola Farm. The farms came about initially as places to locate people out of the Canberra area, as the show grounds (Epic) and caravan parks where full. These people had come to Canberra to protest against our government’s way of handling current political and economical situations. Millions had turned up in Canberra to show their strength by their numbers. People stepped away from their lives to show the government that they were not happy with the way they were handling the so called ‘pandemic’. However it turned out that many had no where to go back to. The numbers of people that travelled from land that had been burent out, flooded out or due to not wanting the vaccine, they had lost jobs and in may cases everything including their home.

It takes courage to step out of your job so as to help us all and our future generations to live with Freedom.

As the world is certainly not getting better fast enough, many have now made the decision to get out of the cities and into rural areas. We see our food isles more & more frequently, ‘out of’ many items and yet we know we can produce right here in Australia. We can certaily grow much of our own fruit and vegetables, have chickens etc.

The Corrupt System we find our selves in at the moment is certainly not to be trusted and many are heading out of town onto land with others to become as self suficient as possible. Shelter, water, food and community are priorities now for many.

The thousands of connections that came out of the Canberra Rally, become the Earth-Haven Collective.

Although the Earth-Haven web site has been going since 2014. Out of the connections made, the site has grown now to include a PROPERTY section for Sustainable Living and of course the Earth-Haven COLLECTIVE section.

We started as a directory for Earth, Domes, Aircrete, Earthship and Tiny Homes Builders. We then added a few products to help you with becoming as sutainable as possible. Products such as, Bee Hives, BioGas Toilets, Composters, Seeds and Solar Power Stations etc.

With a huge database out of Canberra though the Collective started and now we as a group of ‘keen to help’ have come together to work with people, including farmers to bring small groups onto their property as Home-Steader, Share Farmers or to establish a Village Type Community.

We are also working to establish small groups wishing to find the land and start that way.

The Earth-Haven site send’s out a weekly newsletter to Collective Members with the latest offers.  Such as property looking for people or people looking for property, sustainable living product specials, with a list of earth or dome building workshops as they are announced. There is also a Services for Hire section :)

The Earth-Haven Collective is made up of small groups of like-minded people who are working together to bring about changes, especially changes in the way we live, to help people live in harmony with nature and to become as self-sufficeint as possible and less reliant on the multinational and the government for support.

The Collectives Mission is to facilitate meetings with farmers along the east coast of Australia to find land suitable for permanent and temporary accommodation for the many displaced Australians. To work with councils to develop something special, places where sustainable living is the norm with food forests and gardens galore.

The Collectives Vision is to develop small communities of around 30-50 people along the East Coast of Australia, all growing there own food and hence being as self sustainable as possible.

The Collectives Values
•To be a valued partner with the many eco/sustainable businesses wishing to let the public know of their products and services.
•To provide insight and information on new eco products as they become available.
•Making a difference via teaching best practices to all who seek to live in a way that is in harmony with their environment
•We aim to achieve a common good by meeting our needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.
•Continually seek out new and improved practices

Increasingly over the last decade, we have observed that more and more people are searching for either ways to be self-sufficient as a family or to join with others and form a community so as to support each other on the path to a better way of living.
However most haven’t the skills and mindset to proceed on their own. Hence to create groups based on skills, talents and abilities is often a very good idea.

We are aware of the unique educational and social challenges that our world currently faces on a daily basis, and we are committed to adapting our teachings to meet their needs.

The Collective is looking for farmland to support displaced Australian. If you have spare land, say even as little as 65 acres, suitable to develop a small group/community with it’s own food gardens, then please contact us, there are many families looking for rural land to grow their own foods as much as possible.