Collective Ownership Of Land

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Rural land sharing provides for the efficient, sustainable and social use of rural land, important in developing ‘community’ living opportunities for like and lifestyle minded residents.  Rural land sharing communities provide multiple occupancies entered into as a group collective, while maintaining master allotments as a ‘single title’ to avoid dissection of land parcels. In the midst of exponentially increasing housing cost, Rural Land Share has been earmarked as an important, sustainable and cost-effective housing option throughout Australia.  This housing typology thrives in desirable and otherwise expensive locations, in particular when it is co-located and close to scenic, ecological, cultural and natural features and landscapes, such as national parks, mountain ranges, cultural landmarks, waterfalls, valleys and the like.  Many of the eco communities offer this exact combination of natural landscape, cultural and environmental features.

The vision for many rural land sharing community is one of an ecologically intuitive, co-operative, organically minded and socially interactive shared living community; these vision objectives in fact become the ECO’S of these communities.

Rural Land Sharing Communities are a State Government led and backed land-use for Rural lands which allow multiple owners and dwellings (previously called Multiple Occupancy) on single lots.  These are ‘permissible with consent’ on our site, which means consent can be granted, typically where all impacts, considerations and services can be catered for.  We therefore have an expert team of consultants and are seeking this consent though DA for Rural Land Sharing Communities.  All of our consultants have supported the design, layout and proposal and have provided expert reports endorsing this.

Note: Rural Land Share Communities are made permissible with consent by the State Environmental Planning Policy (Rural Lands) 2008. Current legislation facilitates assessment at the Local Council level with determination at either the Local Council or a Regional Panel level.

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What is an intentional community? An intentional community is a planned residential community characterised by a substantial degree of social connection and working together. The residents of an intentional community typically posses similar desires regarding lifestyle, environment and community.


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