Earth-Haven’s Sustainable Living Display Village Project

Sustainable: Capable of being continued with a minimal long-term effect on the environment.

Living: In active function or use.

Display: To exhibit ostentatiously; show off.

Village: A small group of dwellings in a rural area

Community: A group of people having common interests -The district or locality in which such a group lives.

The Project
To build a Sustainable Living working Display Village, surrounded by 137 acres of bush, natural creeks, permaculture gardens, cattle areas, and food forests… Open to the public as an education centre to create a new model for everything eco and sustainable – Teach all who seek the ‘how-to’ of living a Sustainable Lifestyle

The Project is for those wishing to be a part of a pilot project to create a working village prototype that can be duplicated elsewhere. The first of its kind in Australia.

A New Model
“In order to change an existing paradigm you do not struggle to try and change the problematic model. You create a new model and make the old one obsolete. That, in essence, is the higher service to which we are all being called.”
—Buckminister Fuller

Imagine A Sustainable Living working Display Village that is a showcase and teaching centre for everything Eco and Sustainable you would need to learn and have, to change over to a more sustainable lifestyle. No reliance on governments and multinationals for your basic needs.
A place where folks can come to understand and learn all aspects of living in harmony with their surroundings, right down to the type of composter, bee hive, water filtration, and energy systems that are best to use for their location.
Imagine future generations living in harmony with their surroundings and knowing fully how to ensure their own shelter, food, water, and their energy supplies are taken care of.

Project Summary
The overall objective of this project is to build a Sustainable Living working ‘Display Village’ prototype with infrastructure and management systems that introduce and demonstrate innovative eco-friendly, low-cost sustainable practices that provide occupants with healthy natural indoor environments.
To facilitate learning opportunities through the medium of workshops to increase knowledge of self-sufficient living and sustainable house building methods from design, construction, and lifetime operation, with considerations, focused on -: Water, Food Forests and Gardens, waste management, and liveability for future generations

The specific location for the initial Display Village is planned for a property in the Gold Coast Hinterland. We envisage this project could be potentially duplicated, adapted to suit other locations, and scaled to a national level.

The principles for living on the property will be to create an interconnected working community of like-minded individuals; where knowledge and resources are shared. A healthy, safe, environment, fostering mutual respect.
There has never been a time like Right-Now to work together and show the way forward for those that are keen to take responsibility for their own survival and not be dependent on the multination chain stores for their basic needs.

Increasingly over the last decade, we have observed that more and more people are searching for either way to be self-sufficient as a family or to join with others and form a community so as to support each other on the path to a better way of living.
However, most haven’t the skills and mindset to proceed on their own.
Our mission is to empower people both socially and intellectually and help them improve their quality of life, without being reliant on others for their basic needs, such as food, water, shelter, and social interaction with like-minded.
We are aware of the unique educational and social challenges that our world currently faces on a daily basis and we are committed to adapting our teachings to meet their needs.

Project Objectives
Building workshops to teach how to build your home out of the earth at your feet, setting up food forests, herb and medicinal gardens, water and waste management, and how to ensure and store your own energy supply.
The project will run indefinitely, growing all the time as more and more new innovative eco and sustainable products become available.

We believe that our Project will provide a much-needed service to an underserved market when it comes to understanding and the step-by-step of sustainable living.

Workshops and Learning
We aim to set up on the property a fully functional sustainable living model able to sustain a small group, that is a showcase and teaching centre for sustainable homes, energy and waste management systems, and living-of-the-grid practices, including how to deal with zoning and local council regulations, etc.,
Everything you would want to know is to do it alone, as a family group, or with a small group of like-minded. Our objective is to step-by-step people so that they understand enough to be confident in creating their own or group’s sustainable lifestyle.
In other words, we aim to teach all aspects of the best models of living in harmony with our surroundings and being as self-sufficient as possible.
To provide quality education in relation to everything sustainable, including how to build a sustainable home.

What we aim to achieve from this project are:
To develop our 137 acres in the Gold Coast Hinterland
Develop it to sustain around 30 – 35 people + 15 or so children via food production.
Construction of 8-10 fully functional sustainable living homes on around 30 acres of the property, complete with differing examples of waste management, power storage, toilets, hydroponics, and permacultured garden examples.
Homes would include Earth-Bag, Earth Domes, Rammed Earth, Earth-Ship and others such as relocatable Domes, Tiny Home styles, a Yurt and a Tree Home of course.
Conduct a minimum of 3 workshops, quarterly.
Increased community awareness and education of self-sustainable living practices, for a sustainable future.

The reason for this project is to create a ‘prototype’ for others wanting to get out of the Rat Race of current world affairs. A ‘Living’ Display Village that others can duplicate in other communities.

We once all lived this way, however the multinationals have come in and taken away the know-how of being in charge of your own freedom.

Why a Sustainable Living Display Village?

We plan on starting the ‘project’ in July 2023. The location we have acquired for this project is an amazing property, located in one of the most prestigious parts of “Witheren” in the Gold coast Hinterland, with registered Camping Sites, that can facilitate up to 50 people per day!
The property currently runs up to 25 head of cattle, plus a herd of Goats, with ample water supply from four dams, and two bores.
The Elevated 255m2 steel framed “Shed Home” has an off the Grid 6klw Solar System. The home is in need of the finishing touch! It does have incredible views from the full-length verandahs across the Valley to the North. The home would be, used, as a manager’s quarters, offices and function centre for workshops and cooking classes.
There is also a large separate Shed that would be ideal for another workshop space with a double garage and a 6 klw off the Grid “Solar System”
This property also has Council Approval for a “Paint Ball Skirmish” Complex. The property is located on the main Beechmont Road, with over 750 meters of main road frontage and just a short 5minute drive from the popular country, Queensland.
This property is ready to go. See Witheren Heights Tab in the menu: or visit Witheren Heights Bush Retreat Link

Our Project Consultant and Town Planner

Planning Regenerative Communities Pty Ltd

Shane Sylvanspring will be assistance in masterplanning/town planning and community development.

Shane, has over 13 years experience in town planning and works with a range of consultants and professionals to ensure your eco project or proposal will smoothly sail through Council and State governments. 

He will also be assisting us with Training by developing and delivering the Village Development Program (VDP)

And overall Ecovillage design and Community Development with core team.

We are very excited to have Shane on board.


If all of this resonates with you, we would be excited to collaborate with you and create Australias first Sustainable Living working Display Village.

Along the way, empower people both socially and intellectually, and help them improve their quality of life, without being reliant on others for their basic needs, such as food, water, shelter, and social interaction with like-minded.

If this project feels right for you and you wish to be involved please contact Cass Smith at Freedom Financial Solutions on the link below. There are only a few plots available. 

Google Earth Map of Property

Property Video to help inspire you as to the possibilities for this project.