Our Philosophy
Can a modular building made in a factory have a heart? You bet.

We know that the word “factory” might not give you warm and fuzzy feelings, but when it means a place where local, skilled craftsman work together to make a building that’s designed just for you, it starts getting warmer. Add to that the fact that we’re a small, family-owned company that started with two brothers making caravans together 25 years ago, and you can start to see why we feel so passionate about what we do.

People call the buildings we make by a lot of different names: park cabins, resort cabins, residential homes, family accommodations, granny flats, commercial buildings. We’ve built disabled cabins, duplex cabins, bunk houses, camp kitchens, sales offices, and more. But what’s important is what we can make just for you. You have a unique family, a unique business, a unique need for your space, and our design team will work with you to find the perfect solution.

Resort Park Cabin Buildings

Going on holiday is great. Except planning for every single thing you might need, trying to pack it all into your car, figuring out where to go, and trying to find a place to stay that doesn’t feel like an impersonal hotel. Holidays are meant to be relaxing, adventurous, and fun, but instead they usually turn out to just be a lot of work.

Have you ever dreamt of having your very own chic holiday home instead? (A better question: has anyone ever not dreamt of that?!) Close your eyes and think of your favourite holiday spot – that place you always want to go back to as soon as you leave. Imagine vacationing there without all the stress of packing and finding a place to rent. Imagine being able to just take off on a whim for the weekend to your own luxury vacation house. To just go and relax, with all the comforts of home. To have your very own holiday getaway. Go ahead, soak up that picture in your mind. We’ll wait.

Now, ready to make it a reality? It’s easier, faster, and more wallet-friendly than you probably think. Our 1 and 2 bedroom park cabins are fantastic for holiday parks, caravan parks, and even residential homes. Our park cabins are perfectly suited to Australian conditions and the holiday lifestyle, and we build them with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship right in our Currumbin QLD factory. We have a large range of carefully designed and time-tested layouts for you to choose from, and we’re happy to customise any of our designs to fit your exact needs and style.

Choose your fittings from our beautiful upscale range of options, and really make it your own. Tell us your vision, and we’ll take care of the rest. We’re also well-versed on council rules, energy efficiency, and sustainable materials, so you have to do is get more time off work to revel in your new dream home!

Our Park Cabins are beautiful, modern, and built to last a lifetime. We know you’ll enjoy it for years to come, and you might even wish you had built one (or ten) years ago, once you see how truly easy, affordable, and downright fun it is to create the new space you or your guests have always wanted.

At Eastcoast Homes and Park Cabins, we make your dream come true. (We know that’s cheesy, but we’re owning it.) So dream big. Give us a call, and we’ll walk you through all the steps to making it happen.

Relocatable Homes & Residential Buildings

We call them “residential buildings”, but you can just call it home! We have a great range of modular factory built homes, all specially designed for Australian conditions and built with top-quality materials and construction.

People use our residential modular homes in a lot of different ways. You can add it onto your property as a granny flat for relatives or guests. With so many options, any size family can feel at home and have the space they need. Or you can have it delivered to your worksite and use it as worker accommodations. Build one as a base for your business and have an office you can really spread out in. Or (and this is our favourite option), build your dream holiday home in your favourite vacation spot for a perfect home away from home. All of our designs are also great as an affordable and flexible option for your main home. Whatever your needs, we can build the perfect modular home for you.

Portable homes are growing in popularity, especially here in Australia. People love them for a lot of different reasons. They’re affordable, flexible, energy-efficient, and can be ready in a lot less time than a traditional building project. Our homes are beautifully designed and built with expert craftsmanship and top-quality materials.

Building a modular home doesn’t mean that you can’t step outside the box! Choose from one of our fantastic layouts, and then make it your own. We’re happy to tailor any of our plans to fit your unique style, needs, and budget. We’ll even help you choose the best place on your property for your building. We use sustainability-friendly materials and energy-saving designs in all our plans. And we’re well versed in city council requirements, so you don’t have to read up on building codes (unless you’re looking for a great way to fall asleep tonight, in which case we recommend section 3.4: “Determination of structural resistance of materials”).

We have over 25 years of experience in the industry, so you know your new home will stand the test of time. All of our units come standard with raked ceilings, fibercement bathroom flooring, the highest quality paint finishes and PVC edges on our cabinetwork. We put expert craftsmanship into each house we build in our QLD factory.

Call us today to start planning the perfect home for you. We’ll work with you on every stage of the process, from choosing the perfect layout, to customising your home, manufacturing, delivery, and installation. We’re here to make it easy, and you’ll always be in great hands along every step of the way.

About our Family Buildings & Granny Flats

It’s not just a modular home. It’s your home.

We know that family is important to you. We also know that no two families are alike. Instead of trying to fit your changing family into your limited space, flip it around and let us build a space that perfectly fits your family. Granny flats are exploding in popularity – and for good reason. They’re versatile, customisable, cost-effective, and far easier than adding a complicated and costly addition onto your existing home.

Each of our modular homes tells a different story. Sometimes ageing parents or grandparents need some extra care, but still long for independence. We’ve been working in the commercial realm for many years, so we understand the ins and outs of the Standards for Disability, and can help you help those you love to be independent longer, and still be safely and comfortably nearby.

But that’s not the only thing prefab homes can be used for. Maybe your grown children aren’t quite ready to leave the nest, but you, on the other hand, are quite ready to have all your rooms back and let them spread their wings a bit. How about when extended family comes to stay and you’d love for them to have a comfortable home away from home? Or you may be looking to add some value to your property and create some income with an easy rental solution. You can even turn one of our portable homes into a lovely home office, workshop, man- (or woman!) cave, or hobby headquarters. The possibilities are truly endless – you’re only limited by what you can dream up!

Let our 20-plus years of experience work for you. Our family accommodation buildings, also known as granny flats, are a perfect solution, because we build yours just for you. We have several building designs that are tested and proven to function beautifully, and our team of experts will customise your prefab home to your exact specifications. We take all the important factors into consideration, including size, proximity to your main dwelling, and appearance. We’re also well-versed in local council regulations, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re in good hands.

All of our units boast raked ceilings, fibercement bathroom flooring, the highest quality paint finishes and quality PVC edges on our cabinetwork as a standard. We build with quality, craftsmanship, and value in mind, every time.

Don’t go it alone – call us today and we’ll be happy to talk over your unique situation in detail so that we can help you find the perfect layout and design. Because at East Coast Homes, we don’t just make modular homes. We make your home.

Modular, Transportable & Removable

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We, here at Eastcoast Homes & Park Cabins, take great pride in being Queensland’s and New South Wales’ leading manufacturer of transportable buildings! We’ve built up to this industry status using cutting edge designs, top-quality materials and an ever-growing desire to guarantee customer satisfaction. Our projects use your ideas, needs and demands as stepping stones; while our years of experience in designing, manufacturing, installing and transporting relocatable homes do the rest, with only show-stopping results in sight. Whether you’re choosing Eastcoast Homes & Park Cabins to build Commercial Buildings, Residential Homes, Family Accommodation Units, Relocatable Homes or Park Cabins, you’re in for a streamlined cooperation with a team of top-notch industry specialists!