Meet Emma:

In society’s view, Emma had it all together. A successful business she had run for over 15 years, she was debt-free with a property looking over some of the Sunshine Coasts’ most pristine national parks and forests and an amazing network of friends.
And yet, she was unable to shake the pressure she felt from continually having to generate income, keep a well-kept house, get the kids to school on time, AND stay calm.
Feeling smothered by the invisible hands of expectation and stress, she pulled her kids out of school, got rid of most of her possessions, moved out of her house and into their bus, and began to live an entirely new life.
Whilst it was hard in many ways (and those of you who have been camping for two weeks in non-stop rain will know all about that) it was also, in its essence, a simplicity and joy her soul was longing for.
Armed only with a shed full of tools and a few tonnes of rough-sawn hardwood from the local sawmill, Emma got to work building two huge decks to put her first 2 geodesic domes on.

After witnessing firsthand the waste, toxicity, and mould that develops from using standard building materials in our building industry in our climate over the past few decades, we are so pleased to have discovered domes are the most efficient use of resources to enclose the maximum amount of space known to mankind. The environmental footprint of these structures is so minimal, that we fully endorse them as being an effective means of creating a more sustainable healthy planet.

The domes were such an amazing, spacious, affordable, and quick solution that gave her family a lot more space and protection from the elements while still immersed in them.
It’s been over 4 years since Emma bought her first dome and committed fully to a life of connection to the earth, her community, and her kids. Having been an entrepreneur and business owner for over 19 years, she was ready to do business in a new and different way.
Emma has a passion for simple living and creating beautiful, affordable, sustainable housing.