Investment Options

Overall this site is about all sorts of ways to get into a community.

People have many different needs and so we ask you to fill in our questionnaire so as to help us find the best way for you to move forward and become a part of a small group doing all they can to be as self sufficient as possible.

This is one of the questions in our questionnaire, it helps us direct you to the community offers that can work best for your personal needs. These are options you have. Note: Not all Community Offers offer all.

Which of these options best describes you and your personal needs at the moment?

Buy share in full Rent-to-Buy Unit Share
Buy ½ and Rent-to-Buy Balance Invest Super into a Sustainable Development
Skills and Balance Invest to live on property
Skills and Rent-to-Buy Balance Skills in Lure of Financial input
Invest and Not live on property – Invest to sell later Wish to buy more than 1 share to enable to sell extra shares in future
Investing to live and build home on property Another Option you wish to discuss?

Questionnaire for those wishing to invest and join a community