A land lease community is a community operating under the land lease model, supported by specific government legislation that guarantees ongoing security.

The model lets you enjoy the benefits of conventional land ownership. Should you ever wish to sell, the capital gain is all yours, without fees. But you also enjoy some of the advantages of renting – no council rates and no stamp duty. Just a weekly site fee that ensures your property is well managed concerning roads, fencing, storm clean-ups, etc.

Land lease agreements are simple and transparent, a modern solution that has evolved alongside the changing face of life. It offers flexibility and freedom as well as security and support within a community-like environment.

The land lease model:

With a lower price-to-entry and like-minded neighbours, Australians are turning their attention to lifestyle communities.

Especially for over-50s Australians looking for the perfect home, lifestyle communities, also known as land lease communities, are an option on the rise.

These communities are aimed at people who are heading toward or are in retirement. They want to live around others at a similar life stage and have everything they like to do within easy reach.

Unique payment model

Land lease communities have a different buying model from a classic land purchase. Essentially, the buyer leases the land from the land owner or community developer but owns the home that they build on it.