NewEarth Haven’s Story

The Bali NewEarth Haven was launched in 2016 and has since become one of the most famed and beloved destinations on the ‘Island of the Gods’. The haven is a world-leading exemplar of bio-resonance and bio-architecture and serves as a fertilisation ground for conscious community development, pro-activism and solutioneering.
The Haven facilitates NewEarth University seminars, workshops, major events, as well as the annual NewEarth Ancient Futures Festival. It also hosts weekly ecstatic dance & live-music events which guest leading international DJs and artists.
The inspiration and vision driving this project is a desire to establish an international creative hub, a crossroads attracting a constant influx and flow of travelers to engage with a thriving conscious community.

NewEarth Project

Ushering in a new era of consciousness, sovereignty, and health & prosperity for people and planet.
NewEarth Project was established in 2013 as a movement dedicated toward elevating living men and women of the living soil above the fictionalised and monetised culture we inhabit. It aspires to the promulgation and elevation of Art, Beauty & Consciousness over Time, Money and Fear. It invites people to self-actualise and develop a conscious community outside of indentureship to the stranglehold of over-reaching governance and the usurious practice of banking. Above all it is a movement committed to affirming individual sovereignty and self-determination. NewEarth University acts as catalyst and brain-trust for the NewEarth Project and invites all comers to connect, learn and play.