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The Sustainable Living Package

Dreaming about getting out of the city, out of the rat race and into nature with a heap of other like-minded who want to do the same and support each other to build a new community?

If so, there are a few community offers, one of which may be the perfect package for you to start really living, enjoying nature and community, and becoming self-sufficient in no time.

Imagine your own 5G free, virus-free, chemical-free, bug out zone on acreage… with your own relocatable tiny home to get you started.

You choose your Community, choose your Tiny Home and we then throw in Composting gear, a Beehive, and all the Books and eduction you’ll need to learn to live off the grid and become self-sufficient. We will even help you build your own Earth Home if that is the type of home you feel is for you.

Money needed to make living off the grid a reality:

Some of our Earth-Haven builders can help you with financing your new home if you prefer to live ‘Bigger’ rather than ‘Tiny’ long term. If you prefer to go straight to an Earth Built home instead of starting Tiny we can help you build your Earth Home for under $60,000. In fact, you can build a small dome for under $20, it just depends on your family size and needs.

Note: We plan to have quarterly workshops on Earth Building for those wishing to get their hands dirty and build their own Earth Home starting in April 2021.

You will also have your own Relocatable Tiny Home with the land so you can move-in right away. Later the Tiny Home can be used as a ‘Granny Flat’ or Teenage Hideaway or, it can be used as your own Air B&B if you’d like to turn it into an income stream. You’ll also receive an indoor and outdoor Composter to help get rid of your composting kitchen waste and a Flow Bee Hive to help bring Bees back into the area after recent bushfires caused the death of millions of bees and their food supply.

Your own Tiny Home Included

Imagine your own 2.47 acres with a Tiny Home so you are ready to live the sustainable dream!

Get away from the ‘Rat Race’ of city and suburban life. And you know your water and food supply is just outside the door.


The planet is being destroyed by mining and poisoning at a fast rate!

It’s time to get good fertile land and start the regeneration of other lands via plant and seed gifting to communities in need of help with there soil, such as areas where bush fires have gone through recently.

The principles for living in an eco community are to create an interconnected community of like-minded individuals; where knowledge and resources are shared.

A culture that honours and integrates with the heritage of the land. A healthy, safe environment, fostering mutual respect.

Supporting the bio-diversity of the land and interconnection with the local tribes by respecting their “caring for country” basis of existence on the land based upon their lore, and encouraging wildlife cohabitation.

the objective is to allocate resources so as to positively support access for social interaction, the ability to create sustainable food production, and other meaningful activities that can be of economic and social value for the community.

Ready to get off the Grid?

There are a few sustainable community project in Australia and one just may be your little piece of Heaven on Earth. If you think so, let us at Earth-Haven help you build your home from the earth, plant your food garden, and help you become part of a sustainable community and live with a newfound freedom 🙂

Need Help to make it Happen? -The construction sector is being given a big shot in the arm, as the federal government seeks to spark an economic recovery.

Eligible home builders and renovators will score $25,000 handouts under the governments ‘HomeBuilder’ scheme.

  • Eligible Australians will recieve $25,000 grants to go towards renovations and new home builds under the federal government’s new HomeBuilder program.
  • To be eligible, singles and couples must earn below $125,000 and $2000,000 respectively, vuilds must cost less than $750,000 and renovations between $150,000 and $750,000.
  • While the government says the program is intended to extend work for the country’s construction sector, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese said most Australians simply do not have a spare $150,000 to spend.

If this is for you, give us a call today and we’ll work with you in relation to your next steps to make your new way of living a reality in 2021.

Honey and Compost Earth-Haven Earth Haven

Honey on Tap | Herb Garden and Composter

Outdoor Compost as a brilliant way to keep the trees and plants thriving!

All the books you’ll need to build your own self sufficient life.

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