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The Tiny House movement is hitting Australia like a tsunami.  It seems everybody is talking about it and many many people are getting on board.  They are such a wonderful, affordable way to live that are becoming very popular. There are also many people who are finding that a transportable building is great idea for an extra room that can be used as a teenage retreat, man cave, office, craft room, artist studeo the uses of the tiny house are endless.

The benefits to owning a moveable, tiny house are many.  They are compact enough to be located in your back yard.  They are especially good for people who have found their perfect rural retreat and want a habitable space.  Being more spacious than most caravans, they offer the owner a unique and affordable option.  They are definately good conversation starters and your friends and families will be fascinated with your new portable home and no doubt a touch envious.

Many people these days in Australia would like to get into the property market but find themselves up against the huge costs involved in buying an orthodox house in the suburbs.  There are also many people who would like to live a more simple life and would prefer not to have huge mortgages that they will never pay off.  Instead these people are turning to the more realistic tiny house idea.

So, you want to join in the excitement of having your own tiny home on wheels.  We totally understand that.  Whether you want to build your own tiny house or have us build it for you, then we can help you.  We offer an entire range of options.  Whether you just want the trailer to build on; or the house built to the stage where you can add your own kitchen, bathroom and other finishing touches; or a complete, ready to move into tiny house, we can help. Check out our Off the Grid in Oz Options Page.

Our trailers are custom made for Off the Grid in Oz Tiny Houses.  They are built strong and are registered.  Just hook it up on the back of your car and take it home and start building. We have 3 trailer sizes on offer, however, if you want a different size, then of course we can do that to.  Click the link for more information about our trailers .

We also offer the option of buying DIY Kit, which means that all the materials needed to build a Tiny House on Wheels Rolling Shell can be created for you.  This is a great idea for those people who would like to build their own Tiny House.  For more information visit our DIY page.

For many people, who would like the opportunity to build their own dream Tiny House, but have nowhere to do it, we offer a Build Buy Stay option. Something to seriously think about, especially if you would like Steve to help you out.  He will be here on site with you, so that you can have more confidence and more man power.

I have lived in rural Victoria, completely off the grid, for many years, so we understand what is required to live the simple, stress free life, of being self reliant, self sustaining and environmentally low impact. We have also built quite a few houses and so again, we know how to construct sturdy, livable spaces, that combine the functional with the asthetic appeal.  We have taken our knowledge and experience and  are now creating the Off the Grid in Oz Tiny Houses.  Please feel free to Contact Us to talk about your new Off the Grid in Oz Tiny House or Trailer.


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