Planning Regenerative Communities

Planning Regenerative Communities will help prepare and navigate people through the NSW, QLD or VIC planning systems from large rezoning proposals to small development applications for dwellings. Managing Director, Shane Sylvanspring has over 20 years experience in town planning and works with a range of consultants and professionals to ensure your eco project or proposal will smoothly sail through Council and State governments.

Planning Regenerative Communities Pty Ltd

Shane Sylvanspring – Founding Director

Shane Sylvanspring has 20 years of experience working with town planning, local government, facilitation, community consultation, ecovillage design, ecovillage education, and general project management.

Experience includes:

  • 10 years working as a strategic and statutory town planner in 6 different local governments within Victoria and QLD
  • Worked on large private planning projects as Director of Planning Sustainable Solutions with a focus on Northern NSW
  • Currently working on large Development Applications in Northern NSW with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 including eco-tourism, eco projects, and sustainable farming projects
  • Central in the development of two large ecovillage projects which involved large teams and community engagement (Bruns Ecovillage and Bunjil Ecovillage)
  • Trained in Ecovillage Design Education at Findhorn Ecovillage through the Global Ecovillage Network.
  • Developed the Village Development Program for specific ecovillage members and trained over 150 adults in ecovillage education inspired by the Ecovillage Design Education offered by Gaia Education and Global Ecovillage Network.
  • Visited, lived in, and explored dozens of ecovillages around the world and within Australia
  • Studied permaculture, Non-Violent Education, Sociocracy, and other tools to assist in ecovillage design.
  • An active member of the Global Ecovillage Network and co-facilitated ecovillage workshops around Australia, Fijian villages, and with Indigenous communities in Australia
  • Co-founded, developed, and designed the Balaya Buyul Community in Northern NSW

Past Projects

Many Hands Community

  • Community consultation in the creation of a new land-sharing community

Balaya Buyul Community (NSW)

  • Prepared and approved  Development Application for a Land sharing Community in the Byron Shire

Conscious Ground (NSW)

  • Property searching and acquisition
  • Assistance in master planning/town planning and community development

Bruns Ecovillage (NSW)

  • Community Development and Training by developing and delivering the Village Development Program (VDP)
  • Overall Ecovillage design and Community Development with core team

Four Seasons Eco Tourist Farm (VIC)

  • Successful planning permit for tourist accommodation, community facilities, and integrated permaculture farm

Bunjil Ecovillage (VIC)

Community development and town planning for large ecovillage project in 2007/8 anting to buy land collectivelyor create a community. Planning Regenerative Communities can assist in th                            

Rates are negotiable but the following are general rates PCR charges

  • $150 – inital hour consultation
  • $65 p/hr – ongoing planning and consulting work
  • $150 – Planning Report for particular properties
  • $600 for facilitating a 1-day workshop on community development and creation

Approximate costs for specific developments

Development Applications for specific developments: $1500 -$2000 (does not include external consultants fees or council fees which could be an additional $2000-6,000 depending on development and location).

Applications and development process for Land sharing Communities (where allowable by local authorities) including creation, external reports required, and community consultation and development $60,000

stages of developing collective ownership and/or community living.

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