Queensland Rural Workers’ Accommodation Initiative

The Queensland Government recognizes the importance of rural workers’ accommodation in facilitating all aspects of the agricultural supply chain and supporting the many regional and local economies that rely on rural industries.

Providing convenient and affordable housing options is not just about rural workers being close to work but also providing services and appropriate accommodations that keep and attract rural workers in our communities.

To assist Queensland’s economic recovery, support small to medium-sized businesses, and recognize the shortage of housing and specifically workers’ accommodation, the Queensland Government has developed the Queensland Rural Workers’ Accommodation Initiative (the Initiative)

The Initiative supports repurposing existing underutilized facilities as an interim solution for rural workers’ accommodation. The Initiative and associated amendments to the planning framework also allow for small-scale rural workers’ accommodation to proceed without a material change of use development approval, when meeting certain criteria.

The Initiative provides an interim policy response to the shortages of appropriate accommodation for rural workers across Queensland, while longer-term accommodation planning solutions are being worked through with local government for accommodation both on-farm and within local towns.

An amendment to the Planning Regulation came into effect on 16 December 2022. The Amendment Regulation will be in effect for three years (until 9 December 2025) unless revoked earlier or extended by the Planning Minister.