Questionnaire -To Help Us Help YOU Find The Best Community For Your Needs

An Intentional Village (community) is a group of people who live together and share common facilities and who regularly associate with each other on the basis of explicit common values.

Understanding future workers, homesteaders, and potential village members and their situation.

As the next step in our process of finding or creating the right community, we would like to learn more about you and your life circumstances and current/future position as well as your motivation/volition for wanting to join us.

So, in order to do this, we respectfully ask that you take the time to answer the questions below with as much detail as you like in relation to why you believe that it is part of your future to be involved in a project such as ours or others. What benefits you and your family would bring to, our Project, that of other communities looking for members, or others looking for properties to start from?

This information will help us understand who you are a little easier and how we may merge our futures as a collective…

If you feel the need to send more information or send any other attachments that would assist us then we would encourage you to do so.

Note: All members of your family, including your teenagers (over 13) will need to fill in their own form. There are no right or wrong answers; it is, all about understanding our potential community members and their wants and needs.

Thanks again, I can’t wait to speak with you face-to-face about the possibilities that abound for us all at this moment in time!

EH Questionnaire for those wishing to invest and join a community

Once you complete this form another will be sent in relation to Your Profile, Natural Skills, Talents, and Abilities so we can find the best way to work with you.
No good to have too many Chiefs and not enough Indians. And of course, Squaws are very welcome ☺

Profile Link – 16 Personalities Personality Test:

If we see you have leadership potential you will have one more questionnaire to fill in which helps us understand your natural leadership abilities.

Thank you for taking the time to answer the above; it helps us greatly to understand each other’s needs.

Questionnaire here for those that can’t work with the link above.

Please tell us a few reasons why you would like to live in our small community, why you think you are suitable for this lifestyle, and how you would be of benefit to our project.

About You

  1. Name(s) and DOB (date-of-birth) of you and your family members that would like to live in our small community.
  2. Current address and how long have you lived there?
  3. Is this rental or do you own the property?  
  4. Email address and phone number(s) to contact you on?
  5. Are or were you a system-trained professional and if so what is that profession?
  6. Trained to work as?
  7. Are you currently employed in that role and if so, how do you see that continuing (i.e. if you’re a self-employed person who works from home and is internet-based, or has external offices, so no disruption) 
  8. Are you looking to change your profession? If so, what is it you are passionate about doing and want to bring to us as a community?
  9. Are you a ‘handy-person’ type, are you good with your hands, a hammer, and nails, could you build say a chicken coup, build decking, help with grounds clean-ups or say help assemble a DYI shed, etc?
  10. Or are you better suited to say planting, food preparations, bottling, cleaning, and other more passive work? Please explain
  11. Do you have any building / trade / permaculture / interior / design skills?
  12. If yes, please explain a little more.
  13. Have you had any farm, animal husbandry, or gardening experience previously? 
  14. Are you looking to work within the project or to run your own business from it? Please give details so we know what your plans are. Eg: Run workshops on …… Teach …….?
  15. What skills do you (and your partner) have that you would like to share with others?
  16. What skills do you want to learn to support the Community? Eg Learn to build EarthBag Domes or preserve fruit?
  17. How do you see yourself, your partner, and your family fitting into a community?
  18. What time frame are you looking to move to the Property?
  19. Are you Vegan, Vegetarian, or Omnivore? No right or wrong answer here. 
  20. Do you have any issues that may affect others we should know about? Annoying habits?
  21. Do you have any health issues? Yes / No? If Yes, Is the issue Physical or Mental? (Circle one or both) If yes, please give brief details of your health issue. This information will be kept confidential. Note: It helps us understand your needs and if we need to have things such as No Steps, Non-Slip Floors, Walker Aid Friendly, or Hand Rails in your dwelling
  22. Is your health important to you Yes/No? If yes, what do you do to look after your health as much as possible?
  23. Do you Eat as well as possible / Exercise regularly / Avoid Junk Foods / Avoid soft drinks / do yoga?
  24. Do you smoke cigarettes Yes/ No? If yes how many on average per day?
  25. Do you have any allergies Yes/No? If yes do you require an Epipen?
  26. Are you on or require regular medication? Yes/No? If yes what is it for?
  27. If Yes please give more details: Eg Diabetic and Need Insulin Injections
  28. Do you drink Alcohol? Yes / No
  29. If yes to Alcohol, how regularly do you drink?  Daily/Weekly/Occasionally? Do you like to get Drunk sometimes or often?
  30. Are you (and your family) fully committed to building a life in a community setting?
  31. What brings you (and your partner) Joy?
  32. What do you (and your partner) love to do?
  33. Do you like animals? More information, please.
  34. Do you own any animals and will they be joining you on the Property?
  35. Please explain what animals you have and any background. Animals you currently own and background (Note no more than 3 animals per household will be permitted and once these animals pass it may only be possible to have 1 on the property in the future)
  36. Note we love all animals and encourage people to bring them along, with the only disclaimer being that domestic animals (dogs and cats) will be subject to community keeping/fencing/and behavior standards. Keep in mind we have chickens and birds so Cats must-have bells and if dogs eat chickens they will have to go.

 Your financial ability to live within our Project or a Community

  1.  First up, do you have any money to invest now? Yes/No
  2. Are you ready to buy into our Project? Yes / No? Options will be provided on our – What’s My Investment Page (Investment amount will range from $60,000 to $450,000). 
  3. Do you have the ability to buy into the Project outright now? Yes / No. 
  4. If not what deposit are you able to put down now? The minimum deposit would be 50% of your investment price.
  5. What amount are you able to put down if under the 50% deposit? When would you be able to pay the balance of the deposit? 
  6. Are you seeking finance or looking to rent to buy? Note all rent-to-buy agreements must be paid out within 5 – 7 years, depending on the amount.
  7. If you are ready to purchase now? What time frame are you looking at?
  8. If ‘Yes’, how are you able to do so (i.e. sold a house)?
  9. Or if ‘No’ (i.e. we would have to sell a house/money coming from payout (ie Insurance)
  10. What time frame are you looking to sell in? 
  11. Ready to purchase and the reason why you’re ready?
  12. If not, what are your expected timing and the likelihood of you being able to do so within that time frame?
  13. Are you looking to come into a community under Skills to Contribute? In other words, a Share would be issued in Lure of payment. Your Skills in the project could be equivalent to the share amount. Eg $100,000 = labour/skill into the community.
  14. Circle the options that best describe you at the moment. Buy a share in full, Buy ½ and Rent-to-Buy Balance, Skills and Balance, Skills and Rent-to-Buy Balance, Rent-to-Buy Unit Share, Skills in Lure of Financial input, Invest to live on the property, Not live on property – Invest to sell later, Wish to buy more than 1 share to enable to sell extra shares in future, Investing to live and build a home on the property.

Your Thinking on Things

  1.  Have you been vaccinated? Yes/No    If No why?     If Yes why? 
  2. What are your thoughts on hosting building and permaculture workshops and opening our project at certain times to the public to help teach others a more sustainable way to live?
  3. What type of sustainable dwelling/home are you thinking of building? 
  4. Are you open to having an Earth Home built under the workshop? This means you learn how to and can extend overtime yourself. An example of this would be Dome or Earth-Bag homes. Once you have the main structure it is easy to add more rooms. 
  5. Have you heard of Earth-ships, Earth-bag, Aircrete, Hempcrete, or other sustainable building techniques?
  6. If you were to become involved in the Earth-Haven Project what are your thoughts on being involved with our Project and the fact that we will be open to the public at certain times? 
  7. Are you happy to work with a property/community Master Plan to ensure all is built according to the Plan?
  8. Are you happy to fill in a profiling questionnaire to help us all understand each other better? Y/N
  9. What else should we know about you?  Don’t be shy… tell us more about you than what we are able to ask in these questions.(If you need to share… please do.)  Your dreams, what you aspire to, your plans for the future, your thoughts about living with others, etc.
  10. Do you Trust enough to move forward with getting involved with a group of others you may know little about if it Feels Right for You? Please explain …

Lastly: Would you object to the Police Check if asked Yes / No?

When it comes to children on the property we would need to know there is no criminal history in relation to abuse, violence, or sexual activity with children.

I’m sure you can understand why this needs to be checked.

Thank you for taking the time to answer the above; it helps us greatly to understand each other’s needs.

EH Questionnaire for those wishing to invest and join a community