At Roomi we build affordable relocatable buildings for commercial and domestic purposes. We use a range of quality materials that stand up to the Australian weather and last the test of time. The frames are galvanised steel, the walls and roof are insulated coolroom panels finished with your choice of cladding colour. We build our Roomi’s on steel skids for ease of transportation, strength and rigidity.

Our units come in a range of sizes and can be transported on the back of a tow truck or crane lifted. You may be surprised to know that local delivery for one of our units starts from as little as $300! From Granny Flats, Portable Officesto Portable Homes, we’ve got you covered.

You can visit our display units here at Bay 4/45 Textile Cres, Salisbury QLD

Specialists In The Portable Building Industry

Roomi specialises in building portable offices, granny flats, and other types of portable buildings and homes. With a focus on innovative design and high-quality materials, Roomi provides its customers with a unique and customizable solution for their space needs. Whether you are looking to create a home office, a granny flat for your aging parents, or a portable building for your business, Roomi’s expertise and attention to detail make it the perfect choice for all your portable building needs.

Portable Homes

The New Wave of Portable Living: Exploring the Benefits of Portable Home

With rising costs of living, the idea of owning a traditional home is often out of reach for many of us. The concept of ‘portable living’ is becoming increasingly popular, offering a unique and affordable solution for those looking for an alternative to traditional home ownership. Portable homes are defined as dwellings that can be moved from one place to another; this could be a tiny house, a trailer, or even a converted bus. By being able to transport a dwelling from one place to another, people can enjoy the benefits of living in a multitude of places with just one purchase

Benefits of Portable Homes