Domes as Homes

The igloo may be the earliest form of dome. While it is constructed of blocks of compressed snow, these blocks melt and re-freeze to form a strong, homogeneous structure. The dome-like shape of the igloo exhibits the two major advantages of a dome-shaped structure: great strength, and good insulation. The strength is due to the natural strength of the arch, and the insulation is due to the minimal surface area of a spherical section.

Domes have been around for thousands of years and were long the accepted configuration before we used the current square or rectangular structure. Now we need to reconsider what we live in with more powerful weather scenarios like 150-plus mph hurricane winds, tsunamis, tornadoes, and earthquakes. The dome structure especially the dodecahedron one can withstand these scenarios. Another benefit of Dome Living is low annual maintenance with no soffits or gutters! With the popularity of “open space,” domes offer the best floor plan! They are also perfect for what is called barrier-free living, which is becoming more important for physically challenged Baby Boomers. The only doors one has to consider in a Dome are the front and back ones, which should be 36 inches wide for easy wheelchair access. But there are other “minefields” one needs to consider in their home and what to do about them whether you live in a dome or not. Heard of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui? Domes are perfect for getting the full value of this proven art of design originally based on SURVIVAL and NOT magic red strings, mirrors, and compass voodoo! You will be learning how to Feng Shui the dome’s interior and landscaping. Of course, these principles apply to any structure.

As the Ferny Haven Property is approved for 19 Dome Homes, follow this link to view a few Dome Home images to get your mind thinking of the possibilities of Domes as a Home.

Also here is a link to KingDomes and others for you to get an idea of what Domes are all about.

8m King Dome Earth Haven Brochure-min

Kingdomes Brochure for Earth Haven-min