Why choose Subpod?

Composting your green waste is too important to let messy and complicated old school systems get in the way.

Subpod is simple, modular, and modern. Worms and microbes do the work, while you grow and harvest your own organic food. Take a seat in the sunshine with Subpod.

No smell, no pests.

Everything negative you’ve ever thought about composting? We’ve fixed it with Subpod. Our patented design lets fresh air flow in, helps ‘good smelling’ microbes thrive, and keeps pests out.

Neighbour approved.

Subpod is the only neighbour approved outdoor composting system. Its bespoke, odourless design is so subtle your neighbours would never guess. But we can’t promise they won’t want to try it out!

5-minute assembly.

Our unique flatpack design clicks together in five minutes. No tools required, simply fold Subpod out and click the lid into place.


Our community is what makes us special. When one person composts it’s a great thing, but a few thousand? That can change the world.

As of the 1st of October, 2020, 16,000 people are composting with Subpod – and that number climbs every day. That many Subpods can divert over 8000 tonnes of food waste from landfill every year, which would offset the carbon emissions equivalent to charging almost two billion smartphones!

We’re sharing real stories from a few of those 16,000 beautiful strangers. They’re the real face of Subpod, making a real difference.