ElectroMagnetic Shielding.

Not all home and/or business environments are the same and we encourage you to talk to us about your concerns and what you are trying to achieve so we can recommend the most suitable consultation for you and your environment. We will also confirm the consultation fee and any applicable travel costs.Moving home

If you are about to purchase a new home or looking for a new rental we can provide a pre-purchase or pre-lease consultation.

Building a Home

If you are building a new home or tiny home please talk to us at the planning stage so we can guide you on how to design a healthier home and avoid the problems we commonly see in our consultations.

Comprehensive Home Consultation

Our consultant will assess your home and provide a comprehensive tailored report. Testing typically includes:

  • Radio frequencies (RF) to 40GHz
  • Magnetic fields
  • Electric fields
  • Dirty power
  • Geopathic stress analysis

Read the following sections for detailed information on each type of testing.

Whilst it is not essential, we do encourage everyone who normally lives in the house to be there during the consultation.

Recommendations may include such things as rearranging furniture, changes in how you use your technology as well as shielding and other products.

The consultation fee includes up to 30 minutes travel each way from our office, meter readings, comprehensive report and advice. Products must be purchased separately. There is no obligation to purchase the products recommended.

We do offer limited weekend appointments for those that cannot be there during the week.

Radio Frequencies (RF)

Before we visit on site we research what RF towers are in your local area as well as the number of assignments (antennas) on the towers and the recorded frequency of the assignments.

Radio frequency fields come from many sources from outside the home and well as within eg wifi, mobile cell phones, smart devices, NBN boxes and smart meters to name a few.

We are finding that frequency use above 8GHz has increased significantly in the last few years. Most building biology and EMF consultants only use meters that read up to 6GHz or 8GHz and have no way to detect or measure the higher frequencies. Unfortunately this often misleads people to think that their environment is low in RF when in fact the reality can be quite different.

At Health Express World we have invested in internationally calibrated professional equipment up to 40 GHz. We use a Wavecontrol SMP2 field meter coupled with a range of probes reading up to 40GHz. We data log measurements including GPS position over extended time periods and our equipment complies with and presents values as per ICNIRP standards as well as raw data values.

These records can show the RF field strength in your environment in μW/cm2 (microwatts per centimetre square), V/m (volts per meter), A/m (ampere per meter), μW/m2 (microwatts per metre square) and also a percentage of the ICNIRP Public exposure standard or Occupational exposure standard on request.

If we feel it is needed, we will also use the Geovital RF body meter (NF E/M Field Probe up to 8GHz) to measure your body’s absorbed voltage values against a safety threshold of <100μV but ideally should be less than <30μV.

This meter measures in μV (microvolts).

We will analyse how you currently use your technology (eg phones, laptops, ipads etc) and may make suggestions to help create healthier habits. (eg using cables instead of wifi). We may also recommend shielding products to block high values of RF fields.

Dirty Power

For information on what dirty power is, what creates it and how it affects your health please see our page on Dirty Power.

Dirty power is measured in GS units. The consultant will use a Stetzerizer Micro-Surge meter to measure the values and then install Stetzerizer filters.

Filters are installed to determine if they are a suitable solution as well as how many are required and the best installation location.

If filters are recommended, the consultant will let you know at the time.  If you wish to purchase the filters he will leave them installed.  It is okay if you decide not to purchase on the day. Your report will include the number needed and where to install them. You can purchase them at a later date and use the report to install them yourself.

Electric Fields

These fields radiate from electric cables and domestic wiring in the walls, ceiling and floor of your home/office as well as all electrical devices/appliances and extension cords you have in the rooms. Electric Fields have a reach of between 2.0m – 2.5m from the wire.

The electric field has been linked to the spread of chronic illness by epidemiologist Dr. Samuel Milham. For more information visit his website www.sammilham.com.

We measure the strength of the electric field in volts per meter (V/m) using a Geovital Digitmeter field probe. This meter can measure the field strength in the walls as well as what your body is absorbing from your environment.

For specific power and magnetic issues the consultation may also use the Wavecontrol SMP2 field meter with a WP400 (1Hz to 400kHz) probe which provides spectrum analyzer and FFT (fast fourier transform) functions to 400kHz.

We may recommend possible rearranging of devices, wiring and suitable shielding products for rooms with high readings.

Magnetic Fields

Magnetic fields are measured in Gauss or Teslas using a Giga Hertz Solutions NFA30M 3D-NF-Analyer and/or the Wavecontrol SMP2 field meter with a WP400 probe.

10,000 Gauss = 1 Tesla.

1milli gauss (mG) = 100 Nanotesla (nT)

Magnetic fields can be difficult to mitigate.  The best solution is often to simply re-arrange how the area is used and minimise the amount of time you spend in that field. Eg. Moving the bed away from the wall with the power box on it. Engineering and wiring solutions are also available dependent on the specific situation.

Geopathic Stress Analysis

Geopathic stress is where a range of earth based energies influence human biology and emotional states including disturbed sleep.

If our consultant deems necessary, he may dowse for these frequencies. Houses on concrete pads may not need this type of testing as the concrete and steel reinforcement can often dissipate these energies.

Our recommendations may include re-arranging furniture or products to dissipate these energies within the home.


The comprehensive report is typically between 15 and 20 pages long. It is tailored to your consultation and includes the consultant’s findings, meter readings and recommendations as well as information on safety standards and relevant resources.  Downloading the meter readings and compiling the report is time consuming so please allow around 1 week for the report to be sent.

We try and make the report as easy to understand as we can. It does include the technical readings so if you need any assistance in understanding the report please get in touch and we will go through it with you over the phone.

Health Issues and Dirty Electricity.

Multiple Sclerosis and Dirty Electricity

Dr. Magda Havas looks at a link between dirty electricity and multiple sclerosis.

Dr Magda Havas for using herself as a test subject.

Thank you to Dr Magda Havas for using herself as a test subject. Its amazing how our cells respond to e-smog. As a society we must re-think what we are doing.

Wendy Myers – How EMF Effects Your Health

Wendy Myers of www.Liveto110.com interviews researcher and writer Nick Pineault. Autor of “The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs” a book “Dedicated to the incredible human beings fighting to put safety before profits”

ElectroSmog and Smart Meters

Interview with Dave Stetzer

In our first interview with Dave Stetzer, the founder of Stetzer Electric and the developer of the Stetzerizer® power line electromagnetic filter, we learned that 70% of the current from the electrical grid goes back onto the wires or into the ground. Dr. Magda Havas, an associate professor of Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent University, set out to disprove this claim.

‘Dirty Electricity’ and the Diseases of Civilization Dr Sam Milham

What if modern electricity was poisoning you and your family, would you take action to reduce the harm? This powerful interview explains clearly what the problem is with the way power is being used in our homes and workplaces

Dr Mercola

Don’t every put you phone next to your head! sounds crazy but Dr Mercola shows you why in this short video. Get your kids to watch this. Big Telco businesses know this problem and doesn’t seem to care.

Dr Sam Milham

Dr Sam Milham explains how due to the practice of connecting power neural cables (power return wire) to earth your power circuit can caused health issues from using “Earthing” products such as earthing mats and blankets.(For earthing go to 12min:45sec) You really are pulling dirty power / energy back into your body. Both the USA & Australia have this problem.!! This effect has also been scientifically proved to have an impact on cow milk production volumes.

To keep your place safe from EMF’s and Dirty Electricity call Cyril Bourke on 1300 863 000 or email admin@healthexpressworld.com