The Co-Op of Everything

What is the Co-Op of Everything?
The Co-Op of Everything is a social platform for Everyone.

The website is hosted on a private Web Server in Sydney, Australia. Not affiliated with any organisation or corporation, just owned and run by a small group of people, focussed on providing an alternative to the existing corporate platforms.

There is no censorship, as all content is your responsibility, keeping in mind the laws of the land.

Currently it provides a space for open discussion, private messaging and the setting up of public & private Groups, for your community.

In the very near future, we intend to release a full “end-to-end” encrypted Mobile App and Website version of an Instant Messaging system, much like the current Telegram/Whats App systems, but without reliance on corporate platforms.

This will enable you, your friends and your groups to have fully encrypted, private conversations. No more sharing your data or having your private conversations read by AI.

However, we require tech minded people to assist with its development and maintenance. Initially a team of volunteers is required. Lookup our Public Group in the Groups section.

How to change your world
The idea is this, and it seems to work, we’ve started it in our town.

A small group, gets together and figures out how to create small “teams” around them, choosing natural leaders from their community to fulfill the following community needs:

Business Team
Medical Team
Home School Team
Food Security & Seed Saving Team
Mental & Physical Health Team
Media & Communications Team
and any other Teams you require.
All you need to do is gather 6 people in your town, all with the same desire of creating better communities, and start talking to your like-minded Nurses, Business Owners, Farmers, Counsellors, Gym Owners and Computer Experts.

Find the leaders amongst them, those that can organise others, and before you know it, you’ll all be building a new community based on your values, not someone elses. It’s actually pretty easy.