Earth-Haven Collective Project

If you’ve seen one Intentional Community you’ve seen them all, right? Intentional Communities come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes only limited by the imagination of the people who start them.

Every Intentional Community has unique qualities and its own unique set of circumstances and people. One of the great things about intentional communities is that they can be whatever the people who start them and live in them collectively decide. And there are plenty of useful guides and best practices based on decades of experience to help along the way. Earth-Haven has gathered many of the best in their fields with decades of wisdom in relation to communities and sustainable living.

So we figured it was time to build, homes, gardens, water systems, solar systems etc., all you would want to see and know about in relation to sustainable living all in one location……

The Project 

The overall objective of this project is to facilitate the building of a Sustainable Living working Display Centre. In other words a small working ‘Village’ with infrastructure and management systems that introduce and demonstrate everyday lifestyle practices, that provide occupants with healthy natural environments that are in harmony with surrounding external eco-systems.

To facilitate learning opportunities through the medium of workshops to increase knowledge of self-sufficient living and sustainable house building methods from design, construction, and lifetime operation, with considerations focused on -:
•Environmental sustainability. Water, energy, emissions, waste, food, vegetation, pollutants, and contamination.
•Social sustainability. Æsthetics, safety, security, accessibility, functionality, future modifications, and livability for the future generation.
•Economic sustainability. Cost and materials for construction, utilities, property charges, maintenance, upgrades and major replacements, and resale value

Our objective is to step-by-step people so as they understand enough to be confident in creating their own or group sustainable lifestyle.
In other words we aim to teach all aspects of the best models of living in harmony with our surrounds and be as self-sufficient as possible.

We aim to set up a fully functional sustainable living model able to sustain a small group, that is a showcase and teaching centre for sustainable homes, energy and waste management systems and living-of-the-grid practices, including how to work with zoning and local council regulations etc.,
The everything you would want to know to do it alone, as family group or a small group of like-minded.To provide quality education in relation to everything sustainable, including how to build a sustainable home.

The overarching reasons for why the project should exist are:
•Growing dependency upon governments or multinational corporations for everyday resources, are both unsustainable economically and environmentally.
•To minimize impact and potential damage on local eco-systems and environments.
•Provide solutions to marginalized Australians, taking local action on a global problem.
•Assisting people to become self-sufficient and attain life’s basics of food, shelter, security and community.

Workshops planned will cover know-how across:
•Construction, especially building, for effective lifestyle and efficient energy use. Various materials and techniques including dome, air-crete and earth.
•Energy — Solar power storage
•Animals (beehives, chickens, aquaponics . . . ) and Plants
•Food — Fruit and Vegetable garden beds and the how to of growing with less water
•Wellbeing and Health — e.g., medicinal herb garden, preparing for emergency situations.
•Innovation, Automation, Robotics, Electronics, Mechanics, Machining.
•Values and strategic thinking. Mental strengthening.
Drawing on wisdom and skills of local artisans and tribal elders.

Earth-Havens will be working with consultants such as:

Planning Regenerative Communities Pty Ltd

We would be excited to collaborate with you on making our community better and achieving our goals of Australia’s first Sustainable Living working Display Village.

Final Note

To live sustainably we must use less of the earth’s natural resources, replenish what we can, produce less polluting waste, and manage all waste in general.

The principles for living on these properties will be to create an interconnected working community of like-minded individuals; where knowledge and resources are shared. A healthy, safe environment, fostering mutual respect.

There has never been a time like Right-Now to work together and show the way forward for those that are keen to take responsibility for their own survival and not be dependent on the multination chain stores for their basic need.

A view of the Property we have recently acquired to start the Collective Project on in July 2023. If interested in becoming involved then please contact Samantha regarding the project or Cass regarding your investment in the project.