The Village

Exploring the nature of “community” from concept, through creation to cohabitation. How do they work, how can we improve them and how can we make them global.

The Village Matrix draws together people and communities who are re-imagining the future.

In a world demonstrating increasing disconnection disguised as connection, The Village Matrix invites communities of many shapes and forms to encourage and demonstrate genuine connection.  The first step is to establish some shared basic information – informing others on the path to designing stronger communities that none of us are alone in seeking connection in a way that seeks also to preserve and protect the land, water, air, and thus our food, sustenance, and health.

The next step is by demonstration, gatherings of people dedicated to empowering their own lives and the lives of each other.

It is nothing new to seek community.  Humankind has always sought social connection, yet in our industrialised era, individuation has been perverted, separating us into “nuclear families” with little genuine connection with those around us.  This growing disconnection has been felt by many.

As we seek to shift direction, gatherings such as “Rainbow Gathering”, “Confest” and “The Village” provide opportunities for designing and experiencing samples of “community”, where the paradigm shifts from “me” to “we”.

As this shift occurs, the impetus is to “what can I contribute?” rather than “what can I take or get?” and the experience becomes a powerfully supportive environment rather than an insular solo journey where everyone is looking out for themselves (and perhaps their immediate family)