Wanting to get out of the Matrix ASAP?

If you do we have some great deals on Tiny Homes to help you get out and growing your own in no time.

We have 2 very well priced Tiny Homes currently available and ready to tow away.

Will will also through in a Subpod and Flow Bee Hive to help you get your garden started.

The Alphaline Tiny Home

Anyone that books for a design consult session for Jan with Alphaline Tiny Homes will receive FREE solar panels.



A retreat, home office, mobile showroom, extra room for the family, the kids, teenagers, grandparents, holiday accommodation, pool house, etc. Hundreds of possible uses!

We can custom make any floor plan to suit so the possibilities are endless.

As a tow-able ‘trailer’ no council building permit generally needed. These cabins come standard on a galvanised trailer custom build for this cabin. Register this cabin and tow it anywhere.


  • Fully insulated (walls, ceiling and floor)
  • Double glazed windows and doors (ADR approved)
  • Insect screened through-out
  • 240v power (caravan style) – 15amp plug in
  • Low energy led lighting installed
  • Timber floor – real bamboo flooring – few options available
  • Vertical blinds – included
  • Outdoor decks – custom sizes available
  • Hot dipped galvanised chassis – custom-built for this cabin
  • Single axle – other options include dual axle
  • Tow-able by any standard ute or 4wd
  • Lite truck tyres with sunraysia style rims.
  • Cabinetry custom built with soft close drawers.


  • Outside length: 3.9m 1.6m drawbar
  • Outside width: 2.35m
  • Outside height: 3.0m (ground to roof)
  • Inside length: 3.75m
  • Inside width: 2.1m
  • Inside height: 2.2m
  • Deck 1.2m x 2.2m
  • Tare 1,050kg – 1,350kg (approx) – depending on internal fit out

The Subpod Composting System

The Subpod compost system is the new standard in composting systems. If you require the best composting system on the market, this is the product for you.

Why choose Subpod?

Composting your green waste is too important to let messy and complicated old school systems get in the way. Subpod is simple, modular and modern. Worms and microbes do the work, while you grow and harvest your own organic food. Take a seat in the sunshine with Subpod.

No smell, no pests.

Everything negative you’ve ever thought about composting? We’ve fixed it with Subpod. Our patented design lets fresh air flow in, helps ‘good smelling’ microbes thrive and keeps pests out.

Neighbour approved.

Subpod is the only neighbour approved outdoor composting system. Its bespoke, odourless design is so subtle your neighbours would never guess. But we can’t promise they won’t want to try it out!

5 minute assembly.

Our unique flatpack design clicks together in five minutes. No tools required, simply fold Subpod out and click the lid into place.

Honey Flow

The biggest innovation in beekeeping for 150 years just got an upgrade.

All the benefits of the original Flow Hive with bonus new must-have features, including a Flow Harvesting Shelf, this elegant beehive is perfect for beginners or experienced beekeepers and contains 6x Gen2 Flow Frames, featuring our revolutionary honey harvesting technology.

Invented by father and son team Stu and Cedar Anderson, our patented Flow Frame technologyis the most significant advancement in beekeeping since 1852.  It is now possible to simply turn the Flow Key and watch as pure, untouched, unprocessed fresh honey flows right out of the beehive and into your jar.

Crafted from premium Western Red Cedar, the Flow Hive 2 includes two observation windows in the specially modified Flow Super, a unique base with ventilation control and inbuilt multipurpose tray plus our distinctive gabled roof.